Knit-Monster 2020 Sand, Knitted Wool, Freight Pallets


Knitmonster / 2019
Creating shape from s single thread, putting something together that can unravel.

Knitting as a subversion of feminine crafts: as un-crafty as possible, ‘bad knitting’.

It is a system, and also an interface. The combination of the knitting with the wet sand is absurd: it is unexpected, slightly revolting. Putting it on a plinth made from a pallet-wood is about the un-monumental. The knitted ball is a tiny un-monument.

Scaling up: large cones of wool, 140 kg of damp, sharp sand, and the result an unwieldy, collapsing and strange creature; body- like somehow. Or a comical, mutated sea creature clinging on to a raft. Barely contained: spreading, stretching, crawling, contaminating.